Smart protection from escape of water

The Peveko waterguard automatically shuts off the water supply in the even a minor escape of water or water leak. It has wireless water leak sensors, backup battery, Wi-Fi and installation is easy. More information

The first secure power supply solution on the market

  • Super-low energy consumption 0,25 W on average
  • Integrated backup battery for up to 12 hours operation
  • Operation time easy to extend with powerbank
  • Small solar panel enables independent operation for years

Do you know ...

50 %
of households are affected by water leaks?
5305 EUR
average cost for escape
of water damages in UK?
35 %
of water escapes cases
will never be financially compensated?

How does it work?

Installation is easy

can help you

Protect your property from escape of water

The Peveko waterguard system will protect your property as well as your neighbours’ property. It makes no difference whether a pipe leaks, a hose breaks or your washing machine breaks down.

The valves’ sensors are small, wireless and are placed, as a rule, on the floor or in spots where they can make contact with leaking water. As soon as this happens, a sensor sends a signal to the valve which automatically shuts off the water supply.

You can monitor the status of the valve on your mobile device via Wi-Fi or SMS messaging.

Control the water supply remotely via
the internet or via SMS messaging

Thanks to wireless control, you can operate the valve at any time from distances of hundreds of miles. Valves installed on hard accessible places can be comfortable operated.  

The valve includes a Wi-Fi internet module. Additionally, you can also use a remote control module or buy a GSM module and control the valve using SMS messaging without a connection to the internet.
You will be always sure the valve is in open or close position. It is equipped with limit indicators and reports valve position to your mobile device.

Save the cost of uncontrolled leaking water

Avoid paying for water that you didn’t use.

If the toilet is leaking, a tap is dripping or there is a leak in the garden, for example, you will only find out about it when you receive the bill. The price for leaking water can reach exorbitant sums, and this is something the Smart Valve can help to avoid.

The best way to avoid water leaks is to close the water valve. Do it easy by your mobile device or SMS messaging.

IoT water leak protection system and remote controlled valve

The Smart Valve Peveko, controlled by a wireles flood sensor, gives you reliable protection against water leaks.

As soon as the sensor detects a water escape, the valve immediately  shuts off the water supply and you will receive a message on your mobile device or as an SMS message.

Are you always sure you have shut off the water supply?
Don’t worry. The valve can be operated remotely via your mobile. You will no longer need phone neighbours, drive hundreds of miles to your cottage or return from your holiday.

It even works during power outages.
The valve is equipped with an integrated backup battery, so power outages means no extra worries for you.

Reliable solution
The valve recognises whether or not it has really closed or open and will let you know via  internet or SMS.

An internet connection is not essential
Select the GSM module and control the valve without an internet connection.

Buy the Smart valve
E-drive with control unit

It is located in a resistant plastic case, which is resistant to splashes of water (IP54). It can open piping with a pressure of up to 8 bar (in households it is usually 2-4 bar). It is recharged with the supplied USB charger. The battery and the Wi-Fi module are located inside.
Manual control

Do you want the option to close the valve manually? No problem. With every Smart Valve you will also receive a lever for manual operation.
Remote control

The wireless remote control can open and close the valve with ease from distances of maximum 50 metres. It is small and fits in the pocket. You can connect several remote controls to the valve simultaneously.

Valve design

The all-stainless steel design is designed for drinking water and has a long service life. It can withstand water temperatures of up to 90°C.
Wireless flooding sensor

The sensor has small dimensions of 85 x 20 x 37mm and a battery which can last for up to 12 months. Its range is 100m in open space, and indoors the range is less. Up to 15 sensors or remote controls can be connected to the valve simultaneously.

3 ways to control the valve remotely:

Remote control
SMS messaging

 It's easy

3 steps will do the job!

Install it on the water supply

You can install the Smart Valve on any hot or cold water distribution line in your home. It is certified for drinking water and is designed for temperatures of up to 90°C. Best location is on the main water supply line or before an appliance that you want to protect.

Main features:

  • Suitable for drinking water with a pressure of up to 8 bar
  • Water splashes will not damage it – IP 54
  • It is small and can be fitted into tight spaces
  • Super-low energy consumption is 0.25W average
  • Includes back-up battery (for up to 12 hours work).

Place sensors anywhere they are wireless

The flood sensor is small and can be used anywhere where water leakage may occur. Due to its height of less than 20mm the sensor can be fitted in small spaces where nobody will know about it. The battery has a service life up to 12 months and can be replaced easily.

Recommended locations
Under the sink, wash basin or bathtub, the toilet, washing machine or dish washer. Anywhere where there is a risk of a water leakage.

Monitor and control from a distance

The valve is equipped with Wi-Fi for control via the internet. If you need to, you can control it from any place you like. Furthermore, you will always know whether or not the valve is really closed and whether or not the charger is connected.
Would you prefer control via GSM or SMS messaging? No problem, you can buy a GSM module for the valve. Ideal for places without Wi-Fi internet.
The sensor and the valve function even without a connection to the internet. It protects you even when it is not on-line.

  Why it is worth ordering the SMART VALVE

Integrated  backup battery
Remotely controlled
Wi-Fi, SMS or RC
Valve status info
provided remotely
Installation is simple
The best solution for
Your smart house
Super-low energy
Suitable for seasonal
It is certified for
drinking water

Have you got a smart house or a security system?
PEVEKO is ready for you

The Peveko Smart Valve can be connected to your security system or smart home solution. Control is as easy as you are already used to.
Brand does not matter
The Smart Valve is ready to be connected to systems from various manufacturers. Have you got Jablotron, SUPLA, Paradox, Elko Ep – iNELS,  Fibaro or any other brand?

Contact us and we will assist you with connecting the Peveko Valve to your home system

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 Reviews from Smart Valve users

 A broken hose to the toilet resulted in just a small pool of water on the floor instead of flooding the neighbours and the damage amounting to exorbitant sums of money. This is evidently a positive experience with the Smart Valve.  Thank you.  (Jindřich, Czech republic)
We have been using a Jablotron security system for years. For a long time we have been looking for a way to connect elegantly this system with the water shut off valve in case of leakages.   Now I have chosen the Peveko Smart Valve. It can be directly connected to the system. I have been surprised by the low energy consumption of the valve and the battery operation gives me confidence in the system. So far 100% satisfaction
(Luděk, Czech republic)
Wi-Fi control of the valve via mobile device is great, I no longer have to get into the water distribution shaft in our flat.
(Petr, Prague)

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